Succulents as far as you can see

I was so lucky today to have spent some time on a bit of a field trip. I went to the central part of the state with 102 planters to a succulent growers and it just blew my mind. The planters will be filled with a selection of succulents for an event we have coming

Blue and White Bridal Bouquet

A Luxurious Blue and White Bridal Bouquet with a combination of Blue Hydrangea, White Roses, White Freesia, White Lisianthus, and Blue Delphinium. With complementing Bridesmaid Bouquet and Flower Crown.  

Bridal Bouquet to Go

This is what happens when a customer walks in the shop the day of their wedding and needs a bridal bouquet. We deliver in less then an hour.

Flower Wall, Westshore Yacht Club, Tampa, FL

I always love a challenge. We were asked by a client if we could create this flower wall for a graduation party. Flower wall are all the rage today not only for graduation parties, but for weddings and much more.

Mother’s Day is May 14

We are getting all geared up for Mother’s Day here at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs. Give us a call at 813-985-6409 to order your Mother’s Day Flowers. Below are a few examples of designs we can provide for your Mom. These are just examples of our work.  Each arrangement is created as an individual and

Simple, but Elegant Flowers

So where do I start? Oh I know where I’m going to start. In Karen Bussen’s book Simple Stunning Weddings published in 2004 is an and exquisite publication of some examples of Simple Stunning Wedding flowers and decorations.  On page 10 she discusses the “10 simple stunning truths”.  Number 1 starts out with “Simple is

Beach Wedding at The Grand Plaza, St. Pete Beach

Christine and Todd were an amazing couple. Married at The Grand Plaza in late February. They came to me with a color pallet of Blue, Magenta, and Yellow and asked me to come up with some flowers that would look good for their wedding. She knew she liked Gerbera Daisies, but beyond that she had

Flower of the Week {Daffodil}

What reminds me more of spring that the Daffodil. The Daffodil is the first of springs flowers that will even force their way through the snow. Also known as Narcissus, Jonquil, and Daffadowndilly. Narcissus the Greek god became so infatuated with his own beauty that when looking into a river and seeing his reflection he