Beach Wedding at The Grand Plaza, St. Pete Beach

Christine and Todd were an amazing couple. Married at The Grand Plaza in late February. They came to me with a color pallet of Blue, Magenta, and Yellow and asked me to come up with some flowers that would look good for their wedding. She knew she liked Gerbera Daisies, but beyond that she had

Flower of the Week {Daffodil}

What reminds me more of spring that the Daffodil. The Daffodil is the first of springs flowers that will even force their way through the snow. Also known as Narcissus, Jonquil, and Daffadowndilly. Narcissus the Greek god became so infatuated with his own beauty that when looking into a river and seeing his reflection he

Florida Weddings, Tampa

Tampa Downtown Wedding at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and The Vault. Gold, Peach, and Cream was the color pallet Tammy and Daniel wanted for their wedding. Their wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Sacred Heart Catholic Church just a block away from the reception venue.  The Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches

Flower are our love and passion.

At Apple Blossoms we love to create. Here are just a few things that were sent out to our customers this week. There is nothing better than letting us create a fresh flower arrangement for you. Every thing we do is different. Contact us at 813-985-6409 or visit us at

Flower of the Week. Hydrangea

The flower of the week is Hydrangea. Thought to be one of the most fragile of flowers these flowers a actually one of the hardiest. There are 70-75 species of Hydrangea. Hydrangea are native to Southern and Easter Asia notably Japan, Korea, and China as well as the Americas. The most common is White and

Flower of the Week. Anemone

These have got to be one of my favorites. Anemones come in a vast array of color.  Whether it be White, Red, Purple, Pink or Magenta. They are so delicate and beautiful. Anemone means Daughter of the Wind, form the Greek, Anemos the wind god. The plant was created by Aphrodite when her tears landed

Flower of the week. Banksia

Banksia Banksia is an Australian plant of 173 different species and all but one are native to Australia. Named after Sir Joseph Banks who was the first to European to collect specimens in 1770. The flower heads are made up of hundreds of tiny flowers grouped together.  They range from yellow to red. I find

Flower of the Week. The Gardenia.

The Gardenia. Did you know the Gardenia is in the Coffee Family? In fact it is. The Gardenia is actually named after Dr. Alexander Garden, a Scottish born naturalist. It’s know for it’s intoxicating fragrance.  Just saying the name Gardenia I can detect the fragrance even when not present. The meaning behind the Gardenia is

Valentine’s Day February 14

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here are some things you want to consider when ordering your Valentine’s Day Flowers. Let’s begin with how to order your flowers. First of all ordering online is not always the best way to go.  When ordering online you are not always dealing with a real florist.  During