Tampa Bay Wedding Week

Today (January 31, 2016) is the final day for early registration. If you are planning a wedding in the Tampa Bay area you won’t want to miss this event. This is your opportunity to meet Tampa’s Premier Wedding Professionals and Venues.  

Flower of the Week the Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace Also known as wild carrot. Lovingly used in bridal bouquets and arrangements.  This flower is named after Queen Anne of Great Brittan and her Grandmother Anne of Denmark.  It is thought that the red fleck in the center appeared when Queen Anne pricked her finger on a needle while making lace.  Today

What it take to create your wedding day flowers.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create your wedding day flowers? These are things to consider when budgeting for your wedding day flowers from a florist point of view. Not everyone understands what it takes from beginning to end. So I have decided to give you a little insight on just how detailed

Tips on saving on weddings

Brides often ask me how they can save on their wedding flowers and here a few tips.   1. First look at what date you are picking for your wedding day.  Weddings around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas tend to cost more since flower prices tend to go up.  Don’t forget if you are

Flower of the Week. The Lilac.

The Beautiful and Fragrant Lilac This flower is coveted by gardeners and brides alike.  For me it brings back memories of staying at my Grandmother’s house in the spring when they were in bloom surrounding the entire house.  With the windows open through the night you could smell the fragrance of one of the first

The Vault Downtown Tampa’s Premiere Venue Space

What a gem. The Vault Downtown Tampa is one of the Premiere Venues located in the heart of the city. It’s always a pleasure being a part of a Tampa Wedding or Event at The Vault. If you are looking for a Unique Downtown Tampa Wedding or Event Location you will certainly find it here

Flower of the week

  Roses date back more than 35 million years.  Prized by many gardeners in all climates and cultures.  Roses have been associated with wars as well as joyous occasions such as weddings.  Legend says the oldest blooming rose bush has been blooming for over 1000 years located at Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.  Roses come in

First wedding of 2016

What a wonderful way to start the New Year with another Great Tampa Wedding. It was an honor to help in the creation of this amazing wedding at The Vault Downtown Tampa. Mark and Lindsey were amazing to work with. I was given a guideline of what they were looking for and I took it

Montana Cowboy Themed Party

While on my visit to Kalispell, Montana I was asked to help with some floral arrangements for a friends party and I was more than happy to help. These folks had a plethora of fun antiques to work with that I could just collect for the tables. I collected everything from old medicine bottles to

Montana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet

My Montana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet Challenge While on my visit to Kalispell, Montana I decided to challenge myself in making a Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere to match.  The adventure was great.  It started with collecting my first items on our trip to Hungry Horse Damn.  My travels took me into Glacier National Park as