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Creating your Unique Style

In crating a party, event, or wedding think outside the box. Using items or themes that create your own personal style. When it comes to containers for arrangements ask your Mom, Grandmothers, and Aunts if there are items they might have to create your look. You might be surprised what they may have tucked into a closet or the top of a kitchen cabinet. Selecting a theme or color scheme is the way to begin. Anything from wine glasses to crystal vases. You can also use resources such as dollar stores, thrift shops, and flea markets. I find great items at all of these places. Finding a theme for your event and sticking with it will give a much greater impact. Once you have found the theme you are looking to achieve don’t jump around with trying to add things that don’t relate. Does not matter whether might be Moroccan or a Pink Theme. Choose no more than 3 colors. The less colors you choose the higher the impact the less the cost may be. The more colors the more the eye needs to travel.

AppleBlossomsCreating your Unique Style
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