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Finding a Tampa Wedding Florist

>>To pinpoint a potential florist, gathering referrals from trusted sources, like wedding vendors and recently married friends.

>>Make initial appointments with the florists six to nine months in advance, depending on the size of your wedding and the complexity of your desired decor. ( Plan on interviewing your top three referrals. )

>>Before your meeting, know your budget and the ceremony and the reception locations, and have a basic idea of what you want ( colors, types of flowers, number of arrangements ). If possible, bring photos of flowers you like – and be able to talk about flowers you don’t.

>>Once you pick a florist, ask for a proposal that describes each arrangement’s cost, size, and container.

>>Consider the deal sealed when you pput daow a deposit and you both sign a contract that covers everything from the delivery details to the cancellation and refund policies.

AppleBlossomsFinding a Tampa Wedding Florist
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