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Going Green with Local Grown Flowes in Tampa

We love our local growers. As a Tampa Florist I have been doing my best to work with local growers for my orchids and exotic flowers. I can’t always be guaranteed the exact color I want for all my Tampa Weddings or Events, but I can be assured of some of the freshest and most beautiful flowers you can come by. As a Tampa Wedding Florist and a Tampa Florist along with a Tampa Gardener myself I enjoy sharing flowers with my customers and clients that are locally grown. Currently Vanda Orchids are just coming in season. These are one of the most amazing flowers you have ever seen, and the color is just breath taking. We take great pride in working with local growers to help build local business and keep the economy growing. These people are of the fabric that keeps our local economies growing and giving back. With our motto of “Designs for a Lifetime…One Seed at a Time.” we enjoy building the local economy and building lasting friendships with clients and customers just as Johny Appleseed spread his growing of Apple Trees across the land. Read more about Johny at then you might even understand a little more about me.

AppleBlossomsGoing Green with Local Grown Flowes in Tampa
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