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Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers Tampa

Ordering your Tampa Valentine’s Day Flowers from Apple Blossoms Floral Designs
Here are a couple of thing you know in advance before ordering your Valentine’s Day Flowers
  1. Full name of the person you are sending to. (If they go by their maiden name we need that too.)  In some cases your Sweetheart may go by a middle name or shortened version of their name to family and friends, but use their true first name at work.
  2. If it’s going to a business.  The Full Name of the business.  The Department they work in.
  3. The Suite or Building Number including Apartment or Condo Number and zip code.
  4. The phone number to the office or a direct number to the recipient.  Cell numbers are helpful, but not all people are allowed to answer cell phones from their offices. 
  5. The time the Recipient leaves work.

     These are things that help us to get your Tampa Valentine’s Delivery to your Sweetheart much easier.  Without the information above it makes our job very difficult. The more information we can get from you the easier and faster we can get your Valentine’s Day Flowers to your Valentine. Employees of Hospitals are one of the most difficult places to deliver.  Many of the offices are off limits to the general public including floral deliveries. 

   Cell numbers are very helpful, but most of my Valentine’s Day Delivery help use their personal cell phones to contact the recipient.  In many cases if the recipient doesn’t recognize the number they may not accept the call.  On Valentine’s Day we have more deliveries than we may have in a month and the more details you can provide to us the easier it makes our job.  We want each and every one of our Valentine’s Day Deliveries to get to your Sweetheart.  There’s nothing more upsetting to us not being able to deliver a Valentine’s Day Arrangement because we don’t have enough information. 

AppleBlossomsOrdering Valentine’s Day Flowers Tampa
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