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Vintage Weddings? That is the Question.

Vintage Weddings?

Yes that is the question.

In today’s terms the vintage wedding is something somewhat from the Victorian Era.

I guess you could call it that.  Everything is Vintage today.  Styles of the Vintage Wedding Eras have opened the doors to many different interpretations of what exactly is Vintage Weddings.

A bunch of Garden Roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Dusty Miller does not make a Vintage Wedding.

Vintage has become the new Shabby Chic.

These are not necessarily Vintage.

Vintage is based on design styles, times, and trends of the day in the past.

This Vintage is not really what I call Vintage, but a name set to the time of the day.

Doing research on True Vintage weddings according to periods of architecture and fashion design of a particular period and place in time.

Here are some examples of what Vintage Wedding Style is all about.

Vintage Wedding Bouquets and Styles 2015-05-22 13.42.45 2015-05-22 13.42.50 2015-05-22 13.42.55 2015-05-22 13.42.59 2015-05-22 13.43.16 2015-05-22 13.43.19 2015-05-22 13.43.26 2015-05-22 13.43.34 2015-05-22 13.43.41 2015-05-22 13.43.49

scottVintage Weddings? That is the Question.
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