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Garden Bridal Bouquet Challenge

My Garden Bridal Bouquet Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d challenge myself to creating a Garden Bridal Bouquet using only the flowers I had available in my garden.

 Garden Bridal Bouquet Challenge

First I collected all the flowers I wanted to use and hydrated them.

Testing them to make sure they would hold up.

Some flowers do not hold up as a cut flower.

By testing them first I was able see what would be the best flowers to work with and if this were a real bridal bouquet.

2015-06-21 10.53.29

2015-06-21 11.14.53

Some of the flower and foliage I wanted to use do not have stems long enough to be incorporated into the bouquet so I have to wire and tape them so they can be added to the bouquet.

Once this was all complete I could begin to create the bouquet.

2015-06-21 11.20.45

Creating this bouquet was so much fun.

It tested my creativity with only the flowers I had at hand.

Below is the final product.

The flowers and foliage I selected were Succulents, Magnolia foliage, Pentas, Buddha Belly flower, Stephanotis, Knock Out Roses, Begonia foliage, Dusty Miller, Phalaenopsis  Orchids, Bamboo, Foxtail Fern, Marigold, Dahlia, Rosemary, Anthurium, and Gomphrena

2015-06-21 11.55.13 2015-06-21 11.56.29 2015-06-21 11.58.07 2015-06-21 11.58.56

In the coming weeks and months I plan on continuing my Bouquet Challenge.

I’m planning on creating Bridal Bouquets with different looks and from places you might not think you will find things to create a Bridal Bouquet.

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