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Beautiful Garden Roses

Beautiful Garden Roses


Roses date back more than 35 million years.  Prized by many gardeners in all climates and cultures.  Roses have been associated with wars as well as joyous occasions such as weddings.  Legend says the oldest blooming rose bush has been blooming for over 1000 years located at Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.  Roses come in many forms.  From the wild roses with simple petal forms of 4-5 petals to Garden Roses that are full and fragrant.  In the late 1800’s roses were hybridized to create the Tea Rose.  Today the Garden Roses are making a come back in the floral industry. These roses do not last nearly as long as the hybrid roses, but the fragrance and beauty depicted in Flemish paintings are remarkable.  There is nothing like a true garden rose.   Today Garden Roses are a staple of the Bridal Bouquet bringing back days gone bye.

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