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Flower of the Week. The Lilac.

The Beautiful and Fragrant Lilac

This flower is coveted by gardeners and brides alike.  For me it brings back memories of staying at my Grandmother’s house in the spring when they were in bloom surrounding the entire house.  With the windows open through the night you could smell the fragrance of one of the first flowers of spring.  Lilacs come in an array of color from very light lavender to deep lavender and even white.   There are both single and double bloom varieties.  Lilacs can be very finicky.  They can wilt at the drop of a hat.  Today for the floral industry we mostly find lilacs in the lavender and white hue and much of the fragrance has be bread out of the flower for the floral industry.  When they are in season in the Carolina’s we do get what is called Bush Lilac and it does have the heavenly fragrance, but depending on the weather they can be a very short season.  Unfortunately we can not grow lilacs here in Florida.  They need several weeks of dormancy and cold to set their flower heads.

In the language of flowers the Lavender Lilac symbolizes the First Emotion of Love, and the White Lilac  represents Youthful Innocence.



scottFlower of the Week. The Lilac.
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