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Tips on saving on weddings

Brides often ask me how they can save on their wedding flowers and here a few tips.


1. First look at what date you are picking for your wedding day.  Weddings around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas tend to cost more since flower prices tend to go up.  Don’t forget if you are doing a destination wedding during peak season such as spring break prices can be a lot higher for things like rooms.


2.  Reduce your bridal party.  I know it’s hard to make a decision on not having 12 bridesmaids, but your friends will understand that you didn’t ask everyone of them to be in your wedding.


3.  Keep your bridal flowers simple.  The Bridal bouquet is where you might want to splurge and the Bridesmaids bouquets could be something as simple as a couple of Hydrangea or a couple of Roses with some beautiful foliage.


4.  I often hear of seasonal flowers.  There are some flowers such as Peonies, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Blooming Branches, etc. that have very short periods of the season.  None the less.  Peonies are often available odd time of the year, but are traveling very long distances to get to your florist.  It’s the transportation that factors in to the cost of the flower.  In place of Peonies you might want to think about Garden Roses.  These are normally available year round and will give the a similar look at about half the cost of Peonies.


5.  Reduce the guest list.  I know it’s hard to do, and you want to invite everyone you know, but it just isn’t always practical.


6.  Doing a wedding at a venue where you can do the everything from the ceremony to the reception will save in transportation and be much more convenient for all your guests.  For instance a hotel with a beautiful courtyard where you can hold the ceremony and the guest can move easily to the reception.


7.  When it comes to centerpieces look into decor for some of your tables.  Candles might be the first thing that pops into your mind, but candles can be quite expensive.  Also talk to your venue.  Most places require candles to be in glass.    This will be an added expense unless you want to hire a Fire Marshall to oversee the event, and that can run several hundred dollars as well.  Not to mention if the wax from the candles drip on the table cloths you may have to pay retail for the linen to replace them.  Using decorative items such as Candelabras, Vases, etc. that you can rent rather than purchase is a way to give some interest to your overall look and theme.


8.  Reduce decorations for the church or use flowers from the ceremony to decorate the reception.  Pew markers can often be used to decorate head tables, cake tables and even guest tables.  Alter arrangements can be designed to be used on guest tables, or possibly buffet tables.  Remember that if you are having your florist stay through the ceremony to move these items there will most likely be additional costs for them to wait through the ceremony and even through the photographs to collect these items and move them.


9.  Have a plated dinner rather than a buffet.  Buffets are much more expensive than a plated dinner.


10.  When meeting with your florist find out if there are lesser expensive flowers that will achieve the same look and feel you are trying to achieve.  A florist can help you with making the right decision on the flowers that will fit into your budget and still look perfect for your wedding day.


11.  Hire a wedding planner.  Yes this may cost you a few hundred dollars for a day of planner to several thousand to help you though the entire process, but can help you to make the right choices and help you to budget your wedding needs and keep you focused on not over spending.  They also have many resources to help you meet with other professionals that not only fit your budget, but are reputable.


12.  Wedding insurance.  Yes, there is something called wedding insurance.  Life brings all kinds of unforeseen unknowns and changes in our lives.  Wedding insurance can cover many things that could happen for just a couple hundred dollars.


These are just a few things to think about when trying to cut costs.  I know not every bride has hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend and even if they do they are still looking on ways to cut costs.




scottTips on saving on weddings
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