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What it take to create your wedding day flowers.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create your wedding day flowers?

These are things to consider when budgeting for your wedding day flowers from a florist point of view.

Not everyone understands what it takes from beginning to end.

So I have decided to give you a little insight on just how detailed we florists have to be in order to create your wedding day flowers.

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  1.  Typically we have either a phone or in person consultation which takes anywhere from half and hour to two hours depending on how elaborate the wedding might be.  Going over all the details of what might be needed to achieve your dream wedding.  Sometimes this is up to one year prior your wedding but as little as weeks prior a wedding.
  2. Now it’s time to get the quote together.  I personally have to create recipes for every arrangement including bouquets.  This allows me know know how to order your wedding flowers and how to price them to fit your budget.
  3. Next I type up your quote with all the details and send it off to you in about a week to two weeks after our first meeting.  By this time I have put in up to 4 hours just getting your quote together before sending it off to you for your inspection to make sure we have not missed anything.
  4. I get an email back requesting some change.  I revise the quote and get it back to you.
  5. We receive the retainer and signed contract from you and you are on the books for your wedding day.
  6. Two – Three weeks prior your wedding date we get together either in person or by phone to go over all the details and finalize many loose ends to get you your final total.
  7. I update your quote with all the final details and send it off for your approval.
  8. Once I receive your final approval along with your final payment I now go back to all the recipes and work figure how many flowers we will need to order along with all the rental items and such that will be needed to create your wedding day.
  9. Two weeks prior your wedding day.  I order all the items needed.  This may take contacting up to 5 different wholesalers to obtain the product including ordering direct from places like Holland and Ecuador to get exactly what you want for your wedding.  We typically order 20% or more than what we will actually need since not every flowers is perfect.  We need to order extra to make sure we have enough as close to perfect flowers to create every bouquet and arrangement.
  10. Next we begin to collect all the rental items at the shop and get them cleaned and prepared for your wedding day about a week out from your wedding.  Everything has to be packed for easy transportation and to make sure there is no breakage or damage in transportation.  This can take several hours to a couple of days depending on how large the wedding might be.   We will also get all the additional prepping of the hard goods such as the containers filled with floral foam, crystals that might be needed, candles, and anything that might be needed.
  11. Typically we start receiving your wedding flowers on Tuesday prior your wedding day.  When we receive the flowers they have not seen water.  They are delivered in boxes and they have to be cut and place in water with special chemicals that help the flowers open and maintain their freshness.  Some flowers require very specialized attention to get them to the perfect maturation for your day.  For instance.  Peonies may take several days to open.  This may require ordering 2 times more than required and working with them to get them to open for several days.  In the cooler at night and out in the shop during the day.  Re-cutting several times and finally open to create your wedding bouquet.  Not to mention those Garden Roses that arrived for your bouquet came in badly bruised and some were even rotten and now we scramble to replace them in time for the wedding Saturday.
  12. Now everything is under control.  On Thursday we start to create your wedding flowers that can be made in advance to the wedding.  Depending on the bouquets they can be made and placed in the cooler and will stay fresh and beautiful for your wedding day.  We start prepping the flowers for corsages and boutonnieres, and any arrangements that can be started are prepared and put in the cooler as well.
  13. Friday we do all the final work.  Wrapping bouquets and making sure they are perfect, putting all the corsages and boutonnieres together, creating more arrangements, and prepping to load all the rental items for the wedding.
  14. Saturday we arrive early (8-9am) to the shop to start the process of going over every detail.  Making sure we have not missed anything and everything is to perfection.  We load the personal flowers that need to be to the hotel early for pictures.  Another truck is loaded with the ceremony flowers and off to the church to set up for the ceremony.  The alter arrangements are to be used as arrangements for the guest tables at the reception so someone will be spending several hours at the church after setting everything up to wait for not only the ceremony to be over, but the pictures to be taken so they can collect the items and take to the reception.
  15. Several staff members are at the reception location setting everything up.  Putting all the final details out and waiting for the cake to arrive so they can decorate it with fresh flowers.
  16. The photos at the church are over and a staff member collects the items at the church and arrives at the reception to place the final items to finish off the setup before the guest arrive.
  17. We now leave for anywhere from 4-6 hours while the reception is going on.
  18. It’s time to head back out to the reception again anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour before the reception is over.  We will typically arrive anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes prior the end of the reception.  Many times when we arrive we will wait more than an hour for the everything to finish up before we can start our strike.  We never walk in and start breaking down the reception until we are given the go ahead.  We even arrive only to be told the reception has been extended an hour.
  19. It’s finally time to breakdown and pack up the rental items.  What took us over 4 -5 hours to set up is packed up and loaded in the trucks in about 1-2 hours and back to the shop we go to unload the rental items.
  20. It’s now 1óclock in the morning the next day and we are unloading at the shop.
  21. Normally takes 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the wedding to get all the items in the shop and head home.
  22. We arrive at home around 2am or later.
  23. Monday is now here.  We have all the rental items to put back in their place and prepare for the next weekends wedding.

These are just a few thing that go on in order to produce a wedding at it’s finest.  There are so many more variables that happen along the process.  Things that not even you would believe.  Not including all the production of the wedding.  The day of the wedding typically takes anywhere between 10 – 14 hours from beginning to end the day of your wedding and anywhere from 2 – 6 people to complete.  That’s between 60 – 132 man hours just the day of the wedding.  So when budgeting for your wedding make sure you add 20 – 30% or more to your flower budget depending on location and difficulty of setup to include delivery, setup, and strike.


scottWhat it take to create your wedding day flowers.
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