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Flower of the Week. The Gardenia.

The Gardenia.


Did you know the Gardenia is in the Coffee Family?

In fact it is.

The Gardenia is actually named after Dr. Alexander Garden, a Scottish born naturalist.

It’s know for it’s intoxicating fragrance.  Just saying the name Gardenia I can detect the fragrance even when not present.

The meaning behind the Gardenia is “You are Lovely” and secret love.

Gardenias are most commonly used in bridal bouquets and corsages.  They also make great flowers to float in a bowl.  When they are blooming in my garden I love to bring one in and place it in a shallow bowl of water and keep it on my nightstand.  Gardenias take special care and can discolor from something as simple as breathing on them.  Carbon dioxide will cause them to yellow and brown quickly.  The oils from your hand when touching the petals will quickly cause the marking of the petal.  The are very delicate and are extremely perishable.  This is one reason Gardenias tend to be more expensive than many other flowers.

Gardenias can be purchased from you local florist in boxes of 3-4 blossoms, but you will typically need to give them a week or two notice that you need them.  Most florists do not stock this item and need to order them from their wholesaler.





scottFlower of the Week. The Gardenia.
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