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Flower of the Week. Hydrangea

The flower of the week is Hydrangea.

Thought to be one of the most fragile of flowers these flowers a actually one of the hardiest.

There are 70-75 species of Hydrangea.

Hydrangea are native to Southern and Easter Asia notably Japan, Korea, and China as well as the Americas.

The most common is White and Light Blue although colors can be altered by changing the pH.  The lower the acidity (pH below 7) of the soil will cause the flowers to take on a blue hue and the more alkaline the soil (pH above 7) the flowers will take on a pink hue.

Most of the hydrangea you find in floral shops are of a more temped or tropical variety and don’t dry well.  On the other hand the Antique Hydrangea varieties not only are beautiful as a fresh cut flower, but will dry very well and retain their color.

The White and the Light Blue are less expensive and more readily available.  The deeper colors of Purple, Blue and Pink are typically more expensive and much smaller in size.

We have been able to alter the color of the hydrangeas several ways.  Hydrangeas can be stem dyed, dip dyed, and tinted with floral sprays to achieve any color your heart desires.


scottFlower of the Week. Hydrangea
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