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Simple, but Elegant Flowers

So where do I start?

Oh I know where I’m going to start.

In Karen Bussen’s book Simple Stunning Weddings published in 2004 is an and exquisite publication of some examples of Simple Stunning Wedding flowers and decorations.  On page 10 she discusses the “10 simple stunning truths”.  Number 1 starts out with “Simple is not the same as cheap.”

With this in mind flowers can range from a dollar or two a stem to well over 50 dollars per stem.  I know for many brides not knowing the costs of flowers and the names can be very intimidating.  Seeking out a floral or wedding floral design professional is one of the best things to do when planning your wedding flowers and decor to get a better understanding of the costs.  Many wedding planners may have a basic idea of what wedding flowers might cost, but in actuality they are only there to help guide you to determine a budget.  What we find here at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs is that may times the budget is well under the expectations of the client.  There are many factors that come along with creating arrangements.  Maybe it’s something as simple as a row of brushed chrome bud vases down a long table with a single flower such as a Dahlia.  Taking into account that it may take 10 of these.  I have found them on line from anywhere from a couple of dollars a piece to over 20 dollars each.  The  Dahlia can run somewhere between 9 dollars and 12 dollars a stem from your local florist.  Let’s figure the vase at 10 dollars each and the Dahlia at 10 dollars each to be conservative.  Now that’s 20 dollars each and you need 10 per feasting table.  That’s 200 dollars per feasting table.  These will make great favors for your guests to take home with them, so you can avoid those Koosies with your names and wedding date that very few will take and you will have stacks to enjoy for the next 15 years.

When factoring all of this into your budget and you are telling us you will be having 8 feasting tables with 10 bud vases each, 20 votive candles on each table, lace runners, sliver chargers, etc. You could be looking at anywhere from 300 dollars and up per table.  That’s 1200 dollars (This doesn’t include all the personal flowers, church flowers, cake flowers, etc.) on the conservative end of the budget.

Another thing no one takes into account of how this is going to be all put together, with the setup the day of your wedding or event.  Depending on the location, distance, complexity of setup, and not to mention returning at the end of the reception to collect any rental items.  This can range anywhere from 50 dollars to over 1000 dollars or more depending on all the variables.

Are you planning on picking everything up the day of your wedding and setting everything up yourself or having friends do it?  If so this is a way to save some money.  My question is what happens when your friend picks up your flowers and have to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident or a dog running out in front of them and the flowers are damaged?  Once flowers are picked up from our store we are no longer held responsible for how they are handled nor any replacements due to accidents.  We handle these items all the time and know how to transport the flowers with no damage. We as professionals will also bring a backup of flowers to make sure everything is perfect just in case anything is blemished on route. Not to mention that extra table that was added the day of the wedding or event to make sure everything is just perfect and no table goes without flowers.

So in closing even though it might be simple, but elegant it’s going to all add up in the end.  Take it for my word Simple does not equate to Cheap.  Remember when you hire a qualified florist to create you wedding or event it’s not just flowers, but the expertise and quality of service you look for and expect.

scottSimple, but Elegant Flowers
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