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Scabiosa Flower

  • Scabiosa Flowers

Scabiosa is an herb used traditionally as a folk medicine to treat scabies.

Some species are annuals and others perennials. The leaves of most are hairy and divided into lobes, but a few are smooth.  The flowers are in forms of heads, each containing many small florets.  Each floret cupped in a saucer shaped bract. After the flowers have dropped the calyces together with the bracts form a spiky ball that may be the reason for the common name “pincushion”.  Scabiosa varieties differ in the colors of their flowers, but most are soft lavender blue, lilac, burgundy, cranberry or creamy white.

They make a beautiful addition to a bridal bouquet or arrangement not only for their color, but texture as well.

scottScabiosa Flower
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