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The Vault Downtown Tampa’s Premiere Venue Space

What a gem. The Vault Downtown Tampa is one of the Premiere Venues located in the heart of the city. It’s always a pleasure being a part of a Tampa Wedding or Event at The Vault. If you are looking for a Unique Downtown Tampa Wedding or Event Location you will certainly find it here and, here’s why. Enjoy the tour.

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scottThe Vault Downtown Tampa’s Premiere Venue Space

Flower of the week

Beautiful Garden Roses

Beautiful Garden Roses


Roses date back more than 35 million years.  Prized by many gardeners in all climates and cultures.  Roses have been associated with wars as well as joyous occasions such as weddings.  Legend says the oldest blooming rose bush has been blooming for over 1000 years located at Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.  Roses come in many forms.  From the wild roses with simple petal forms of 4-5 petals to Garden Roses that are full and fragrant.  In the late 1800’s roses were hybridized to create the Tea Rose.  Today the Garden Roses are making a come back in the floral industry. These roses do not last nearly as long as the hybrid roses, but the fragrance and beauty depicted in Flemish paintings are remarkable.  There is nothing like a true garden rose.   Today Garden Roses are a staple of the Bridal Bouquet bringing back days gone bye.

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scottFlower of the week

First wedding of 2016

What a wonderful way to start the New Year with another Great Tampa Wedding. It was an honor to help in the creation of this amazing wedding at The Vault Downtown Tampa. Mark and Lindsey were amazing to work with. I was given a guideline of what they were looking for and I took it from there.  With Tammy Waterman of Special Moments Event Planning at the helm we created a Winter White theme. The Chuppah was adorned with a modern custom made chandelier along with lush floral tiebacks of Hydrangea and Ivory Roses. The aisle was lined with more than 400 roses that were turned into petals and tall cylinders with White Cymbidium Orchids submerged in water with floating candles.



2016-01-02 15.53.08 2016-01-02 15.53.44 2016-01-02 15.53.57 2016-01-02 15.54.55


The wedding began with a full day of setup starting at Noon sharp.  Our crew was one of the first on site along with Coast to Coast Party Rentals with a gigantic stage to be set up for the band. After hours of setup the guest began to arrive and arrive and arrive.  The ceremony was standing room only.  Meanwhile the Mise en Place staff was steadily scurrying about creating a meal fit for a king.

Not long after the ceremony was over the real work began.  The Chuppah had to be removed, petals collected, and cylinders filled with water moved to guest tables to be completed with abundant arrangements of Hydrangea, Ivory Roses and White Phalaenopsis Orchids while the guests enjoyed horderves and cocktails in the Lock Box.

2016-01-02 19.53.02 2016-01-02 19.53.11 2016-01-02 19.53.27

As all the commotion and planned exchange of the ceremony to reception Chef Marie and Chef Carlos made their appearance with a beautifully designed wedding cake from Hands on Sweets.

2016-01-02 19.53.44

In the background Phillip Lloyd of Phillip Lloyd Photography was discreetly photographing all the changes and Michael Greenberg of Nature Coast Entertainment Services slipped in the door to set up the Photo Booth in the vault.

The band prepared for the guests and the party began.

There was one huge surprise by a gust appearance of the group Sister Hazel.

Once again it was so great to work with some of Tampa’s Best Wedding Professionals.

We at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs wish Mark and Lindsey many many years of Health and Happiness, and oh yes to Baby Jack as well.

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scottFirst wedding of 2016

Montana Cowboy Themed Party

While on my visit to Kalispell, Montana I was asked to help with some floral arrangements for a friends party and I was more than happy to help.

These folks had a plethora of fun antiques to work with that I could just collect for the tables.

I collected everything from old medicine bottles to horseshoes.

It was great fun to create this Cowboy Canyon Style design for this festive party.

We started outside, but had to move inside due to weather.

Cowboy Canyon Style Party 2015-08-14 16.23.21 2015-08-14 16.23.26 2015-08-14 16.23.32 2015-08-14 16.23.52 2015-08-14 16.24.08 2015-08-14 16.24.25 2015-08-14 16.24.38 2015-08-14 16.24.45 2015-08-14 16.25.14 2015-08-14 16.25.23 2015-08-14 16.25.27 2015-08-14 16.25.36

When we moved inside we added more fun things from around the house to the tables.

Montana Cowboy Canyon Style Party 2015-08-14 16.50.08 2015-08-14 16.50.18 2015-08-14 16.50.22 2015-08-14 16.50.53 2015-08-14 16.51.00 2015-08-14 16.51.28 2015-08-14 16.51.39 2015-08-14 16.51.46 2015-08-14 16.52.04 2015-08-14 16.52.12 2015-08-14 16.52.17 2015-08-14 16.52.25 2015-08-14 16.52.47 2015-08-14 16.52.52 2015-08-14 16.52.57 2015-08-14 16.53.11 2015-08-14 17.40.59 2015-08-14 17.41.03 2015-08-14 17.41.10 2015-08-14 17.41.16 2015-08-14 17.41.22 2015-08-14 17.41.32 2015-08-14 17.41.48 2015-08-14 17.41.54

Inside or outside it was a perfect evening including a singing Cowboy which was the icing on the cake.

Montana Canyon Style Party 2015-08-14 19.35.20 2015-08-14 20.49.28 2015-08-14 20.51.22

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scottMontana Cowboy Themed Party

Montana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet

My Montana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet Challenge

While on my visit to Kalispell, Montana I decided to challenge myself in making a Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere to match.  The adventure was great.  It started with collecting my first items on our trip to Hungry Horse Damn.  My travels took me into Glacier National Park as well as to Big Fork and White Fish.  Collecting items along the way.  A very good friend allowed me to use a stag horn from a Mule Deer as the base.  Everything I collected was more or less permanent or dried botanical.

Things such as a variety of pine cones from several types of trees, White Birch bark, Shale, dried grasses, leaves, and lichens.  When creating this bouquet I wasn’t quite sure just what to call the style until a very good friend mentioned Canyon Style.  I loved it and now I have my Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet to share with you.

Montana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet 2015-08-13 19.49.36 2015-08-13 19.49.40 2015-08-13 19.49.48 2015-08-13 19.55.21

I also designed a Boutonniere to match.

Montana Canyon Style Boutonniere 2015-08-13 21.11.14

Montana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet Challenge was a fun and great thing to create.

After creating it I gave it to a very good friend for her to use as a centerpiece on her dining table or to hang on her wall as a birthday gift.  It brought her to tears.  It now hangs proudly on her living room wall.

Montana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet imagejpeg_0

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scottMontana Canyon Style Bridal Bouquet

Garden Bridal Bouquet Challenge

My Garden Bridal Bouquet Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d challenge myself to creating a Garden Bridal Bouquet using only the flowers I had available in my garden.

 Garden Bridal Bouquet Challenge

First I collected all the flowers I wanted to use and hydrated them.

Testing them to make sure they would hold up.

Some flowers do not hold up as a cut flower.

By testing them first I was able see what would be the best flowers to work with and if this were a real bridal bouquet.

2015-06-21 10.53.29

2015-06-21 11.14.53

Some of the flower and foliage I wanted to use do not have stems long enough to be incorporated into the bouquet so I have to wire and tape them so they can be added to the bouquet.

Once this was all complete I could begin to create the bouquet.

2015-06-21 11.20.45

Creating this bouquet was so much fun.

It tested my creativity with only the flowers I had at hand.

Below is the final product.

The flowers and foliage I selected were Succulents, Magnolia foliage, Pentas, Buddha Belly flower, Stephanotis, Knock Out Roses, Begonia foliage, Dusty Miller, Phalaenopsis  Orchids, Bamboo, Foxtail Fern, Marigold, Dahlia, Rosemary, Anthurium, and Gomphrena

2015-06-21 11.55.13 2015-06-21 11.56.29 2015-06-21 11.58.07 2015-06-21 11.58.56

In the coming weeks and months I plan on continuing my Bouquet Challenge.

I’m planning on creating Bridal Bouquets with different looks and from places you might not think you will find things to create a Bridal Bouquet.

You can always follow me on Facebook by clicking HERE

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scottGarden Bridal Bouquet Challenge

Tampa Garden Club Wedding

Amanda came to me to help her create her dream wedding.

The location was The Tampa Garden Club.

She was looking for something no one had seen before.

A romantic soft pastel garden theme.

She left me take the reigns and design her dream wedding.

Her Dad built an amazing gazebo for the ceremony that would become a permanent feature of her own secret garden.

We had so much fun creating her dream wedding.

2014-11-08 18.13.59Tampa Garden Club Wedding 2014-11-08 11.38.47 2014-11-08 16.13.412014-11-08 16.14.11 2014-11-08 12.13.052014-11-08 12.14.13 2014-11-08 12.15.47   2014-11-08 18.12.16  2014-11-08 18.15.44 2014-11-08 18.16.06 2014-11-08 18.16.34 2014-11-08 18.16.54 2014-11-08 18.17.12 2014-11-08 18.18.39 2014-11-08 18.18.45

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scottTampa Garden Club Wedding

Vintage Weddings? That is the Question.

Vintage Weddings?

Yes that is the question.

In today’s terms the vintage wedding is something somewhat from the Victorian Era.

I guess you could call it that.  Everything is Vintage today.  Styles of the Vintage Wedding Eras have opened the doors to many different interpretations of what exactly is Vintage Weddings.

A bunch of Garden Roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Dusty Miller does not make a Vintage Wedding.

Vintage has become the new Shabby Chic.

These are not necessarily Vintage.

Vintage is based on design styles, times, and trends of the day in the past.

This Vintage is not really what I call Vintage, but a name set to the time of the day.

Doing research on True Vintage weddings according to periods of architecture and fashion design of a particular period and place in time.

Here are some examples of what Vintage Wedding Style is all about.

Vintage Wedding Bouquets and Styles 2015-05-22 13.42.45 2015-05-22 13.42.50 2015-05-22 13.42.55 2015-05-22 13.42.59 2015-05-22 13.43.16 2015-05-22 13.43.19 2015-05-22 13.43.26 2015-05-22 13.43.34 2015-05-22 13.43.41 2015-05-22 13.43.49

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scottVintage Weddings? That is the Question.

Rainbow Wedding Network LGBT Wedding Expo April 12, 2015

Join Apple Blossoms Floral Designs and some amazing Wedding Vendors for the 6th Annual Tampa LGBT Wedding Expo.

Marriage Equality has finally arrived in Florida! What an amazing and exciting time to be starting the journey in your new life together! The team of RainbowWeddingNetwork would like to invite you & your partner to join us in celebrating this historic occasion at our 6th Annual Tampa LGBT Wedding Expo. The event will take place on Sunday April 12, 2015 from 12:30-3:30pm once again at the beautiful Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk hotel.

You’ll have the chance to mingle with a variety of LGBT-friendly Wedding Professionals, as you plan your Dream Ceremony. Photographers, DJs, Jewelers, Invitation Companies, Ceremony & Reception Venues, Caterers, Musicians and more. Other event highlights will include Fabulous Raffle Giveaways, Samples, LGBT-Specific Planning Ideas and Speakers to share thoughts on the recent victory for Marriage Equality in Florida. Come join the fun!


This event is free to attend; $5.00 donation per person is suggested, but we do ask that you pre-register for free tickets at

Help spread the word about this beautiful event! Invite friends and family to attend, share this page thru Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. We don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to join us!

Sunday April 12th, 2015

Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk
200 North Ashley Drive
Tampa, FL 33602
Help Spread the Word

Tampa LGBT Wedding Expo
© 2015 All Rights Reserved.
A division of Artistic Ventures, Inc.

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scottRainbow Wedding Network LGBT Wedding Expo April 12, 2015

Valentine’s Day at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs

We are looking so forward to Valentine’s Day.

Our shop will be filled with all kinds of flowers.

We will have the traditional Red Roses, but we are more excited about all the amazing flowers that are on their way from all over the world.

From Holland too Ecuador the flowers will be amazing.

We have found in years past that we sell more mixed flower arrangements than the typical Rose Arrangement.

Studies have shown that most women would like to receive more unique flowers rather than Roses.

For this reason we have things like Daffodils, Tulips, Garden Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Phlox, and Oriental Lilies arriving.

Not to mention Tropical Flowers such as Bird of Paradise, Cymbidium Orchids, Pin Cushion Protea, Dendrobium Orchids, and Much More.

Here are some pictures of just a few of the amazing flowers that will be arriving next week to fill all the special Valentine’s Day orders.

Unique Flowers 570

Beautiful Flowers 2013-04-10 15.41.32 2013-04-10 15.41.55 2013-05-10 10.14.12 2013-05-10 10.14.29 2013-05-10 10.14.50 2013-05-10 10.15.42 2013-05-10 10.15.52 2013-05-10 10.16.26 2013-05-10 10.17.11 2013-05-10 10.18.00 2013-05-10 10.18.05

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scottValentine’s Day at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs