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Artificial Flower verses Fresh Flowers

Often I hear from my Brides that they are told Silk Flowers or Artificial Flowers are Cheaper than Fresh Flowers.  Well yes and no.  Silk Flowers come in so many qualities.  From the Dollar Store variety to High End Botanically Correct Flowers that will fool many.  I once had a Cymbidium Orchid in my shop the went out of bloom.  An Orchid Wholesaler who frequented my shop came in and was amazed at the beauty of the orchids flowers.  I had to take him over to it to prove that it was an artificial Cymbidium Orchid stem I had added to the plant.

Hew was in amazement at how real it looked.

If I can fool an Orchid Grower I can fool anyone with Botanically Correct Artificial Flowers.

Today on Facebook I posted these beautiful Peonies.

Artificial Peonies

People were in love with them.

They are not real.  These are some of the finest and they retail for $4.99ea.

A fraction of the price of the real this time of year.

Today I priced Fresh Peonies at a retail price between 12-18 dollars each depending on the color.

That’s a big difference in cost, and would have no hesitation to use these in a bouquet with fresh flowers.

I’m looking forward to creating a Peony Bridal Bouquet with these for a sample in my shop.

Silk and Artificial flowers range greatly depending on the detail and the manufacture.

If you choose wisely and Botanically Correct Artificial Flowers you can truly full anyone and possibly save money.

I’ll guarantee you as a florist with 33 years in the business these will even full me.

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scottArtificial Flower verses Fresh Flowers

Bridal Bouquet Costs

I’m often asked how much is a Bridal Bouquet?

Well it all depends on the types of flowers you want to use and the style.

It’s not always cheaper to use lesser expensive flowers if you are looking for a cascade styled bouquet.

Cascade Bridal Bouquets traditionally are more expensive.

Cascade Bouquets require sometimes hours of labor to create.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Many of the flowers have to be wired and taped to create the cascading style of the bouquet.

Where the Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet tends to be less labor intensive.

Although some Hand Tied Bridal Bouquets do require certain flowers to be wired and taped which will increase the cost of the bouquet.

You can expect to pay anywhere from 75 – 100% more for a Cascade Bridal Bouquet over the Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet.

Hand tied Bridal Bouqet

If you are looking to save money on your Bridal Bouquets my suggestion is to stick to simple flowers such as Hydrangea and Roses in a Hand Tied Bouquet Style.

These flowers are in season all year round.

A Traditional Hand Tied Rose Bride’s Bouquet typically starts in the 50-70 dollar range depending on how full you want your bouquet.  This is using your traditional Standard Roses.  If you are looking for Garden Roses you can expect to spend 50-75% more for these since Garden Roses are much more delicate and don’t last as long as the Standard Roses.

Hand Tied Standard Rose Bridal Bouquet

Hydrangea Bridal Bouquets are on the lesser expensive end of the spectrum.

If you stick to the White or Light Blue Hydrangea you can have a bouquet created starting at 25 dollars and up.

When you select specialty Hydrangeas such as Lime Green, Deep Purple, Dark Blue, Deep Pink, etc.  You can add up to 75 – 100% to the cost of the bouquet.  These Hydrangea are typically much smaller than the White and Light Blue and are more expensive.  It will take more to create a bouquet of the same size.

The White and Light Blue Hydrangea can be tinted to create the same look and feel as the darker varieties.

If I have a Bride looking for deep purple Hydrangea I will typically use up to 4 different shades of flower tint to create the natural look of the deep purple Hydrangea to keep it looking natural.

Hydrangea Bouquet

In my opinion spend the money on the Bridal Bouquet and when it comes to the Bridesmaids Bouquets simplify and save money.

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scottBridal Bouquet Costs

Thanksgiving Flowers

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is only a week away.

Fall Floral Designs has to be one of my favorite design time of the year.

Fall flower and textures are amazing.

The seeds, pods and fruits of the year are now the offerings of what summer flowers worked so hard on producing for our Thanksgiving Feast.

Thanksgiving arrangements are the centerpiece of your family gatherings and I love to design pieces that will adorn the tables of my customers and friends.

Fall Flower arrangement.

Fall Flower arrangement.

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scottThanksgiving Flowers

Peonies are back in season

Chilean Peonies are back in season.

Chilean Peonies are back in season.

They are back.  Chilean Peonies are back and we have them.  Peonies are grown all over the world for the floral industry.  They arrive to us from as far away as New Zealand and even Alaska depending on the time of year.  They are now coming from Chile.  We are happy to say we are glad to see them back in our Tampa Flower Shop this time of year.

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scottPeonies are back in season

Apple Blossoms Wedding Center Open House

Apple Blossoms Floral Designs / Wedding Center Open House
Sunday, August, 24, 2014
12 noon – 4pm
3625/3627 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33609

Tampa Brides and Brides to Be please stop by Apple Blossoms Wedding Center and visit with some of Tampa’s Premier Wedding Professionals. At The Wedding Center you will find Invitations, Photographers, Honeymoon planning, Wedding Officiants,Wedding Planners, DJ’s, Linens, Videographers, Photo Booth Rentals, Flowers, Caterers, Cakes and much more.

There will be door prizes that will be drawn Sunday night and posted to Apple Blossoms Wedding Center Website. Each vendor will personally send you your prize, so there is no need to be present to win a door prize. Our mission is to help you create the wedding of your dreams with out the anxiety. The Open House if FREE.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Apple Blossoms Wedding Center



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scottApple Blossoms Wedding Center Open House

One Dozen Long Stem Rose Special

Through the end of August 2014.

One Dozen Long Stem Roses arranged in a vase.

$59.99 + Delivery and Tax.

Local Delivery Only.

In stock colors only.

Rose Special at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs

now through the end of August 2014.

Call us at 813-985-6409.

Same day delivery with orders before 12 noon.

Long Stem Roses

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scottOne Dozen Long Stem Rose Special

Moody Blues Roses

Yesterday one of my wholesalers sent me these amazing Lavender Roses.  I have not had a Lavender Rose to be more fragrant since Sterling Silver which is very difficult if not impossible to obtain these days.  Roses come and go.  When breeders of roses come up with a new variety that is accepted by the floral industry and the public for reasons of fragrance, size, petal count, longevity, etc.  The other varieties are grown less and less until you can’t find them any longer.  I certainly hope this rose never goes away.  The Moody Blues Rose is outstanding in petal count, size, color.  I love this new variety of rose.


This rose is aimed to please in the beauty and a wonder fragrance.

This rose is aimed to please in the beauty and a wonder fragrance.

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scottMoody Blues Roses

Happy Daze Bouquet

Brighten up someone’s day with the

Happy Daze Bouquet

Smiley Face container filled with Seasonal Flowers.

Starting at $45.00 + Delivery & Tax.

Great for offices and Get Well.

Perfect for any age.

Happy Daze Bouquet

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scottHappy Daze Bouquet

Apple Blossoms Wedding Center Open House

Visit our amazing vendors Sunday, August 24, 2014 from Noon – 4pm at Apple Blossoms Wedding Center.  Click HERE to visit Apple Blossoms Wedding Center Website to check out all the amazing vendors.  Brides can enter a drawing to win some great prizes from the participating vendors.


Apple Blossoms Wedding Center

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scottApple Blossoms Wedding Center Open House

How Pinterest is Disenchanting Brides

We are meeting with more and more Brides that are bringing us pictures of some of the most beautiful bouquets and centerpieces, but not knowing the real costs.  Click HERE and watch how you can have the look with lower costs.





2013-11-14 16.05.18



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scottHow Pinterest is Disenchanting Brides