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Artificial Flower verses Fresh Flowers

Often I hear from my Brides that they are told Silk Flowers or Artificial Flowers are Cheaper than Fresh Flowers.  Well yes and no.  Silk Flowers come in so many qualities.  From the Dollar Store variety to High End Botanically Correct Flowers that will fool many.  I once had a Cymbidium Orchid in my shop the went out of bloom.  An Orchid Wholesaler who frequented my shop came in and was amazed at the beauty of the orchids flowers.  I had to take him over to it to prove that it was an artificial Cymbidium Orchid stem I had added to the plant.

Hew was in amazement at how real it looked.

If I can fool an Orchid Grower I can fool anyone with Botanically Correct Artificial Flowers.

Today on Facebook I posted these beautiful Peonies.

Artificial Peonies

People were in love with them.

They are not real.  These are some of the finest and they retail for $4.99ea.

A fraction of the price of the real this time of year.

Today I priced Fresh Peonies at a retail price between 12-18 dollars each depending on the color.

That’s a big difference in cost, and would have no hesitation to use these in a bouquet with fresh flowers.

I’m looking forward to creating a Peony Bridal Bouquet with these for a sample in my shop.

Silk and Artificial flowers range greatly depending on the detail and the manufacture.

If you choose wisely and Botanically Correct Artificial Flowers you can truly full anyone and possibly save money.

I’ll guarantee you as a florist with 33 years in the business these will even full me.

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scottArtificial Flower verses Fresh Flowers

Unique Bridal Bouquets

2014-03-01 13.02.36Every Bride want’s her Bridal Bouquet to be Unique.  Designing Bridal Bouquets is always such a pleasure when a Bride gives you the the ability to create a Unique Bridal Bouquet just for her.  Creating Unique Bridal Bouquets is our specialty.  From over the top Bridal Bouquets to the Classic Bridal Bouquet everyone is created with attention to detail at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs.  No matter your look, feel or style we strive to make each Bridal Bouquet as Unique as you are.

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scottUnique Bridal Bouquets