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The Peony

Peonies have a recorded history that dates back thousands of years, it’s not surprising that even the mythology surrounding the origin of the peony as it has multiple versions. One legend has it that the peony is named after Paieon, the physician to the gods, who received the flower on Mount Olympus from the mother of Apollo. And another tells the story of that same physician who was “saved” from the fate of dying as other mortals by being turned into the flower we know today as the peony.

Peonies are native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America.  There are 33 identified species. Ranging in color from Purple, Pink, White and Yellow. Most are herbaceous perennial plants but some are upright woody shrubs.  Peonies are among the most popular of garden plants as well as one of the most loved wedding flowers. Peonies are cultivated for the floral industry as from Africa, Israel, Spain, South America, and North America as far north as Alaska.  This allows Peonies to be available for many months out of the year.  Just be prepared to pay premium prices when they are coming from long distances.

The traditional floral symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th anniversary flower, peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

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scottThe Peony

Valentine’s Day February 14

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Here are some things you want to consider when ordering your Valentine’s Day Flowers.

Let’s begin with how to order your flowers.

First of all ordering online is not always the best way to go.  When ordering online you are not always dealing with a real florist.  During holiday seasons many companies will setup bogus websites to reap the rewards of the holiday and deceive the consumer.  You might think you are dealing with a local florist, but you are actually dealing with a clearing house that will charge you all kinds of fees that you can avoid by dealing with your local florist.  How do you avoid this you ask?  It’s simple.  Just pick up the phone and call the florist.  Ask them for their physical address and if you can stop by and see the flowers.  Better yet go to your local florist and see what they have to offer.  I always recommend go all my customers to search online for a florist in the zip code in your area or the area where you want to send flowers, and check out their reviews and call them direct.   Dealing with your Local Florist you will cut out additional fees and deal with professionals that can help guide you through the process of ordering the flowers that will make your purchase more personal and save money, and you know we are all about saving money.

One Dozen Premium Red Roses

Let’s begin with roses.

Red roses are the most traditional Valentine’s Day flower that are sent, but in the past years we have found not always the most popular.  Roses come in a variety of grades and lengths along with some amazing colors and varieties.  Long stem roses are roses that average 24 to 30 inches or more in length.  We at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs only carry Premium Grade A long stem roses.  You typically won’t find these at your local grocer or big box store.

Mixed Flower Arangement

Mixed flowers over the years have been the growing trend in popularity for Valentine’s Day.  Studies by the Society of American Florists have shown that women prefer a variety of flowers for Valentine’s day.  I know it’s easy to just up and order Red Roses, but there are so many wonderful flowers out there.  Everything from Exotic Tropical Flowers to amazing Garden Flowers such as Tulips, Garden Roses, Peonies, and the list goes on.  If you are looking for something that will really WOW your Valentine let us create a custom floral arrangement the will be more personal and show you put more thought into selecting special.  You can always request to add a Red Rose or two.

Wrapped Flowers

Even better yet.  Stop by your Local Florist and let them create a hand tied bouquet of a mix of fresh flowers wrapped to take to your Valentine.  Just imagine arriving home after work with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and present it to your Valentine.  Something much more special than the cookie cutter bouquet you will find at your local grocer or street corner vendor.  Something that will be more personal, custom made and unique.  You will find at Apple Blossoms Floral Designs as well at many of your local florists you will get the very best of the best and freshest of the fresh flowers available not to mention supporting the local economy and building a relationship with a trusted professional.

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scottValentine’s Day February 14

Flower of the week

Beautiful Garden Roses

Beautiful Garden Roses


Roses date back more than 35 million years.  Prized by many gardeners in all climates and cultures.  Roses have been associated with wars as well as joyous occasions such as weddings.  Legend says the oldest blooming rose bush has been blooming for over 1000 years located at Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany.  Roses come in many forms.  From the wild roses with simple petal forms of 4-5 petals to Garden Roses that are full and fragrant.  In the late 1800’s roses were hybridized to create the Tea Rose.  Today the Garden Roses are making a come back in the floral industry. These roses do not last nearly as long as the hybrid roses, but the fragrance and beauty depicted in Flemish paintings are remarkable.  There is nothing like a true garden rose.   Today Garden Roses are a staple of the Bridal Bouquet bringing back days gone bye.

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