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More than 30 years ago I entered the floral industry, after many years and a degree in interior design I started out on my own in 2004 as a freelance designer while building my business, and opened Apple Blossoms Floral Designs in April of 2008. Flowers have been my passion for as long as I can remember.

Typically No if consultations are during our regular business hours. Monday – Friday.

Feel free to call us at 813-985-6409 to schedule your consultation. You can also go to the Wedding Contact Form and fill out the information by clicking HERE and we will contact you by phone to schedule your consultation.

We do. The contract protects both myself and the client. Not all items in the contract will pertain to every client. It covers everything from the clients responsibilities for payments to rental items. Just because you have signed the contract and made your deposit does not mean you can’t make any changes to your wedding flowers or decor along the process or creating your wedding day. You have up to 2 weeks prior your wedding or event to make any changes you like.

We do. All of the above and more. These items are only available to clients where we are doing flowers as well as decor. The reason is we take great pride in the condition in which we keep our rental items. Some items are very delicate and require special handling. We are not a rental company and we do not rent our items to the general public unless we are providing the flowers as well.

Yes. I personally take pictures of my work as well as professional photographs of weddings and events we have created. As you can see here on our website. I have created my site to convey our personal style and Real Florida weddings. You can also find many more pictures on our Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages by scrolling to the bottom of any of the pages and clicking on the links to all of our social media accounts.

I suggest interviewing florist 8-9 months prior your wedding. You should decide on securing your florist as soon as possible. At least 6 months prior to your wedding. In all cases we require a client to have their venue secured before we meet with them.

We do require a retainer fee of $200.00 to book Apple Blossoms Floral Designs for your wedding day with out an appointment. This holds your date and is non-refundable. This only applies to clients wanting to guarantee us for their wedding day without an appointment. The $200.00 will be applied to your balance of your wedding and is non-refundable. You will still be required to provide us with an additional deposit on your total wedding of about 1/3 of the total cost after you receive your quote on top of the retainer fee. Otherwise we are happy to meet with you for a phone or in person consultation to provide you with a quote for your wedding. Once you receive a quote you will be provided with a retainer fee which is about 1/3 of your total wedding flower and rental costs and is non-refundable. This protects us against losing bookings of popular dates when your plans change. The retainer fee will be applied to the final total of your wedding or event. We always recommend Wedding Protector Plan Insurance that would protect you from the loss of any funds from any of your vendors if something should happen and you would need to reschedule or something that is unanticipated.

We carry all the Liability Insurance necessary for most all venues. It is your responsibility to ask your venue if your florist or floral provider must provide them with the correct documentation. There is nothing worse than having your florist or floral provider show up at the venue and find out they are not aloud to set up your reception or event due to not having the correct insurance.

We do offer some very affordable simple bouquets and centerpieces.  Please contact us at 813-985-6409 for full details.

We do provide bulk flowers at discounted prices.  In many cases in order to get the best pricing you must purchase minimum quantities or by the case.  All bulk flowers are subject to market costs.  Prices may be higher during major holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.  Bulk flowers require special ordering and your order must be placed 30 days prior your wedding or event.  Please contact the store for availability and pricing at 813-985-6409.  Bulk flowers are available for pick up at our store only during our regular business hours.

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