I am often asked about the cost of wedding flowers. I honestly have to say it can vary from wedding to wedding depending on the types of flowers and the services required.

Every one of our weddings are custom. Each wedding is one of a kind for the most part and we do our best to work with every reasonable budget.

Here are some things to consider before contacting a florist about your wedding flowers. Most wedding coordinators and bridal planning guides suggest that couples set aside between 10 and 15 percent of their total wedding budget to cover floral expenses. Depending on a couple’s budget, this may mean wedding flowers cost between $400 and $5,000, but the costs for design styles and specific types of flowers can vary widely based on several different factors.

You also need to take into consideration on top of the floral budget the delivery, setup, and breakdown (retrieving rental items at the end of the function) is going to add to your budget. This is something that the wedding planning guides do not tell you. Depending on your ceremony and reception location labor costs can be anywhere from an additional 15% and up on top of your floral budget depending on the location and the amount of professionals it is going to take to complete all the service you are requiring.

Some general figures for wedding flower expenses, on average, include:
Bride’s Hand Tied Bouquet: $150 and up
Bride’s Cascade Bouquet: $250 and up
Bridesmaid’s Bouquets (each): $75 and up
Corsages and boutonnieres (each): $35 and up
Head wreaths and floral hair pins (each): $45 and up
Flower girl bouquet or petals: $25 and up
Toss bouquet for the reception: $20-50
Church and Alter Flowers (each arrangement): $150 and up
Pew flowers (each): $15 and up
Floral cake topper: $50 and up
Low Reception centerpieces (each arrangement): $75 and up
High Elevated centerpieces (each arrangement): 150.00 and up

In addition to these popular wedding flower arrangements, many couples also opt for additional floral arrangements. Some arrangements to consider include:

Wreath for the church or reception hall door
Flowers to decorate a wedding arch
Accents for the cake table, place card table, and guest book table
Petals or floral urns to decorate the exterior of the church or reception venue
Special flowers for the interior or exterior of the limousine
Arrangement for the restrooms at the reception

These additional arrangements will need to be included into your initial budget so you are prepared for the added expense. You could use some of the arrangements at both the church and the reception, which can save you money, but increase the service charges. This may require professionals to spend up to 3 hours at the church to setup the flowers and wait while the ceremony and photos are taking place before moving to the reception.

Several factors influence the cost of wedding flowers and can make many prices inaccessible to couples on a strict wedding budget. The most common factors that affect wedding flower prices are:

Some flowers, such as carnations and daisies, are readily available and easy to grow, making them less expensive, while more exotic lilies or tropical flowers are more costly. If the desired flowers are not seasonally available at the date of the wedding, they will cost more to be shipped in from other locations such as Israel, New Zealand, Spain, Holland, etc.

While most florists have a wide color palette to work with, couples interested in more exotic shades will have to pay a premium to match their wedding colors. The sheer size of wedding floral arrangements has a tremendous impact on the final price.

When considering how much do wedding flowers cost, the intricacy of the floral arrangements and bouquets can heavily influence the price. A simple, hand-tied bouquet is less expensive than a more elaborate, multi-layered cascade. If flowers are ordered at the last minute or design changes are requested, steep rush fees may apply.

Some florists charge hefty fees for delivering flowers to the ceremony and reception sites, particularly if they are far apart. Elaborate arrangements may also have a site setup fee applied since they will have to be assembled on site.

Brides and grooms have many options to consider when it comes to their actual florist. Who you choose will also factor in to the total costs. Depending on your budget and specific location, you can order flowers at a locally owned floral shop, a large chain shop, or even online. Prices can be dramatically different from going to a local florist who will give you personalized attention versus an online supplier who can order in bulk or give you standard arrangement options to choose among.

In order for us to give you an accurate quote we require either an in person or phone consultation.

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